PRC 2022 : అందరు డి.డి.ఓ లు ఈ నెల 18 లోపు పే ఫిక్సేషన్ పని పూర్తి చేయాలని ఆదేశాలు


UO Note No.1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022-5, Dated 14/02/2022

Sub PUBLIC SERVICES Implementation of RPS, 2022- Procedural instructions for Pay confirmation in RPS, 2022-Further instructions - Issued.

Ref: Govt. Cir. Memo No.1249673/11/755/2020/PC-TA/2022-3, Dated 26/01/2022


In the Circular memo cited, all the Special Chief Secretaries / Principal Secretaries / Secretaries of the Secretariat Departments / Heads of Department / District Collectors / Drawing & Disbursing Officers / Treasury Officers / PAO are directed to complete the process of fixation of the pay by the DDO/Treasury officer/PAO by 27/01/2022 in RPS, 2022.

2 Despite clear instructions and timelines, the process of data entry and confirmation by DDOS/Treasuries/PAO is yet to be completed for all the employees. The present status of pay confirmation in RPS, 2022 by DDOS and by Treasury Officers / PAO is made available to all the DDs of DTS, DTA, PAO and District Collectors at

3. All the Heads of Departments at State level and the District Collectors at District level are made responsible for ensuring the completion of the activities by the DDOS and Treasury Officers to enable the payment of salaries for the month of February 2022 in time:

a. Data entry and confirmation by DDOs: 18-02-2022

b.  Pay confirmation by TOS/PAO: 21/02/2022.

4. Instructions for schedule of presentation of supplementary bills will be issued separately.

5. The Heads of Departments shall review the progress of pay confirmation with DDOS on daily basis.

6. The District Collectors shall monitor the progress of pay confirmation with all the District Officers

7. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts shall conduct Tele/ Video Conference on daily basis at 11.00 AM with all the Treasury Officers in the State and monitor the progress of the data confirmation by STOs and update the progress to Special Chief Secretary, Finance by 01.00 PM.

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