Shaala Siddhi Programme: శాలసిధ్ధి కార్యక్రమము మార్గదర్శకాలు మరియు స్కూల్ డాష్ బోర్డ్ ప్రొఫార్మా

Director SIEMAT SAMAGRA SHIKSHA ,AP AMARAVATHI it is decided to conduct online webinar on shaalasiddi on 2nd November from2pm to 5pm with district resourcepersons,school complex headmasters,mandal educational officers,APC'S and District educational officers ,pl.communicate the following      registration    link to complexhms and MEO'S  also to be register          ,the you tube link for MEO'S and complex hm's will be  communicated on tomorrow and also the    WebEx link  for APC'S and DISTRICT educational officers ,district resource persons will be communicated on tomorrow.

Form to be Filled by School Complex HM's and Mandal Educational Officers: Click Here 

School Self-Evaluation

Self-Evaluation is considered as the nucleus of the school evaluation process. It facilitates the school to evaluate its critical performance areas.  The school needs to follow the guideline to make accurate professional judgment. The guideline is intended to facilitate the school self-evaluation process in a sequential and guided manner. 

Key Questions School should Reflect upon before Proceeding for  Self - Evaluation

• How is our school currently performing?
• What are our school strengths?
• Which are the areas requiring improvement?
• What evidence do we have to know the current status?
• How can we evaluate the performance of our school?
• What measures can we take for improving our school performance?

Objectives of School Self-Evaluation

The school self-evaluation intends to:

• prepare and empower the school to recognize its strengths and areas of improvement in a planned and guided manner;
• create a collaborative culture with the active participation of all stakeholders for making professional judgment and decisions;
• Facilitate the school for continuous engagement and provide direction for incremental actions.

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