Nadu Nedu Phase II Instructions to Complete Works by 12th June 2023


Circular  .No.  2045894/MBNN/2023                     Dated .13/04/2023

Nadu Nedu Phase II Instructions to Complete Works by 12th June 2023

Sub:    Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu,  Phase-II-  Ensure  that  the instructions  should   be followed while  implementing the program - issued.

Ref:,  Dt.22.06.2022  of the School  Education  (Program-II),  Government of Andhra  Pradesh.


Government vide  reference read  above,  accorded Administrative sanction for improving  Infrastructure  facilities  in  22,344   Schools  and  other Educational  institutions with  a total  budget outlay  of Rs.8000  Crores  under  Phase  2 of Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu program.

It  is  proposed to complete  all  the Nadu  Nedu components  and  keep  the schools  ready by 12th June 2023.  During  the coming  two months the following activities will be started.

I.   Roof repairs and Ceiling repairs.

II.  Supply and installation  of furniture. 

Ill. Major and Minor Repairs.

IV.Repairs and  completion  of Toilets.

V. Repairs  and construction  of Kitchen Sheds.

Except    construction    of   ACRs   and    Compound   Walls   all    other    Nadu    Nedu components are targeted  for completion by 12th June  2023.

The  following  activities  should be attended  to by  all  the Head  Masters  of  Phase-II Nadu Nedu Schools to ensure  proper execution and completion  of Nadu Nedu works.

•   All the CPM (central  procurement material)  items should  be received by the Head Master or his/her authorized representative and two Parent Committee members. Once the Head Masters  gave readiness for any CPM material such  material  has to be accepted,  rejection can be done  only on account of poor quality or short supply.

•    Stage wise Ceiling and Roof repairs photos  must be captured  and uploaded  to STMS by HM,  from his/her login.

•    All the Central  Procurement items  must be assembled  and made ready before the re-opening of schools (  i.e,  12.06.2023).

•    Centrally procured  materials  such  as Furniture, Tiles and Electrical  fittings should be properly stored  and assembly of equipment should be done under the personal supervision  of the Head Master.

•    All the HMs should ensure that no or minimum discomfort is caused to students  on account of storagege of CPM material  in  class rooms.

•    HMs shall also ensure  proper safety and storage  of CPM material  and locally purchased  material.

•    Failure to comply with the above instructions  and any additional  cost incurred  on logistics  due  to negligence or non-compliance of these instructions  by   Head Master or his  authorized  representative,  will be recovered from their salaries, besides  initiating disciplinary action.

Hence, all the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers should   ensure that these instructions reach all the Head Masters in their respective Districts and monitor the compliance of these instructions.

Bhaskar Katamneni  IAS

Commissioner, School Infrastructure

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