Free Seats in Private Schools in 1st Class Under Section 12(1) Schedule and Notification Released 2023-2024



Rc.No.ESE02-19/27/2023-GSGR-1              Date: 28/02/2023

Free Seats in Private Schools in 1st Class Under Section 12(1) Schedule and Notification Released

Sub:- School  Education  –Admission of  children  in Class I under Section 12(1)  (C)   of   the   Right  of   Children  to  Free  and   Compulsory Education  Act,2009   for   the  academic  year  2023-2024  for   all Private  Unaided  Schools  (IB/ICSE/CBSE/State  Syllabus)  in Andhra Pradesh- Instruction issued- Regarding.

Ref:- 1.G.O.Ms.No.20,     School      Education      (PE-        Progs.I)      Dept., Dated:0303.2011.

2. G.O.Ms.No.129,    School     Education      (PROG.II)        Department, Dated:15.07.2022

3. Constitution   of    DAMC    already    communicated   in   this   ofce Memo.No.ESE02-19028/3/2022-GSGR-1, Dated:08.08.2022

4. G.O.Ms.No.24,     School      Education       (Prog.II)        Department, Dated:26.02.2023.

5. This       ofce         Memo.No.ESE02-19/27/2023-GSGR-1,         Dated: 28/02/2023 ( Communication of reference 4th  cited)


 The  attention  of   all  the   Regional  Joint   Directors,    the  District Educational  Ofcers  and Additional  Project  Coordinators,  Samagra Siksha in the state is invited in the above references  cited and they are informed that   the   Government  of    Andhra    Pradesh   have   issued    Admission Notification pertaining  to admission  of  children  in Class  I under Section 12(1)  (C)   of   the  Right  of   Children  to  Free  and  Compulsory  Education Act,2009  for  the academic year 2023-2024 for  all Private Unaided  Schools (IB/ICSE/CBSE/State Syllabus) in Andhra Pradesh vide reference 4th   read above which is communicated in the reference 5th read above.

In    this   context,   all   the   Regional   Joint    Directors,    the  District Educational  Ofcers  and Additional  Project  Coordinators,  Samagra Siksha in  the  state  are  requested  to  go  through the  admission  notification carefully  issued  for   calling  for   online  applications  from the  children  of Disadvantaged   groups  and  Weaker Sections  for   admissions   under  RTE 12(1)(C).  In this regard they are requested to 

(1)    Communicate     G.O.Ms.No.24,   School    Education    (Prog.II) Department,  Dated:26.02.2023,   G.O.Ms.No.20,  School   Education   (PE- Progs.I) Dept., Dated:0303.2011,  G.O.Ms.No.129, School  Education (PROG.II)      Department,    Dated:15.07.2022   and    Standard    Operating procedure of Andhra Pradesh Right of Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 and relavant  material  to all the  Private  Managements  irrespective board afliations in your jurisduction before 02.03.2024 without fail.

(2)  Instruct  all  the  Private  Un-aided  schools   following IB/ICSE/CBSE/State Syllabus irrespective of  their board afliations in their jurisdictions  to reserve 25% of  seats in Class in I for  the Academic  year 2023-2024.

(3) Direct all the managements of  all the  Private  Unaided  schools (IB/ICSE/CBSE/State  Syllabus)  to  register  their   schools  CSE  Web  portal (will be enabled   on 06.03.2023

(4)  To   follow  the  schedule  as  mentioned   below  in  Admission Notification issued by the Government.

Free Seats in Private Schools in 1st Class Under Section 12(1) Schedule and Notification Released

(5) Ensure the responsibilities  and duties of  DEO, Parent,  Principal / Headmaster, School Management, DAMC mentioned in G.O.Ms.No.129, School Education (PROG.II)  Department, Dated:15.07.2022 and also in SOP are  strictly   followed   in   implementation   of    the  RTE    12(1)(c)   your jurisdiction.

(6)   Make  function   promptly   the    District   Admission   Monitoring Committee (DAMC)  instituted  in each  district   shall  establish  a Help- Desk in the  district ofce to help parents/guardians regarding admissions and related  procedure, during  ofce  hours manned by a minimum of  two well- conversant ofcials of  the  District and  it shall function till  the admission process  is closed after completion  of  the rounds of  lottery  or  as and when all seats are filled.

(7) Ensure the free  service for  submission  of  online  application  for the children  applying  for  all Private  Un-Aided  Schools  under RTE 12(1)(C) at every Village / Ward Secretariat.

(8) Ensure providing as many help desks are established at School Level,  Mandal  Level, Divisional Level,  District Level  as to provide services to help the children who do not have the access to technology in filling up the application form.

(9)  Instruct  all  the  Managements  of   Private  Un-Aided  Schools  to display in the  notice  board  that  they  are  implementing  RTE  12(1)(C) by reserving 25% of  seats in their schools for  the Disadvantage groups and Weaker  Sections  as  per  the   G.O.Ms.No.24, School  Education  (Prog.II) Department, Dated:26.02.2023.

(10) Instruct  the managements of  Private Un-Aided  schools  that any deviation in implementation of the RTE 12(1)(C) will lead to cancellation of Recognition / withdrawal of afliation.

(11) Give wide Publicity at Village  / Ward Secretariat  level  / Mandal Level  for   creating  awareness  among  the  parents  through  CRPs /  Ward/Village Education Secretary / Voluntary Orgiaations /NGOs etc. and further issue press notifications frequently.

In  view of  the  above,  all the  Regional Joint  Directors,  the District Educational  ofcers  and Additional  Project  Coordinators,  Samagra Siksha in the state are requested to issue vide publicity through all the print and electronic  media  for  reaching the parents and for  implementation  of  Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 (RTE Act 2009) for the   Academic    year   2023-2024  as   per   the   guidelines    issued    in G.O.Ms.No.129  of   the   School  Education  (Prog.II)   Department, Dated:15.07.2022  and  G.O.Ms.No.24,  School  Education   (Prog.II) Department, Dated:26.02.2023 and Standard Operating Procedure.

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