UDISE+ For the year 2022-2023 Instructions Issued



Present:: S. Suresh Kumar, I.A.S.,

E.F. No:  1788485/IT-CSE                                                   Dt:19/01/2023

UDISE+ For the year 2022-2023 Instructions Issued

Sub:-School Education-  IT, Planning & Statistics  – UDISE+  for  the year 2022-23- Certain  Instructions  for  flling  and completion  of  data entry – Orders issued.

Read: 1.D.O. Letter No.23-7/2022-Stats, Dt:30-08-2022.

2.D.O.No.26-1/2022-Stats, Dated: 26-09-2022.

3.Rc.No.ESE02-31021/1853398/IT-CSE Dt:-6.10.2022.

O R D E R:


19-Jan-2023 06:52:55 PM


The  attention  of   the  Regional  Joint  Directors,  District  Educational Officers and  Additional  Project  Coordinators  (SS)  in the  State  are  invited  to the reference  1st  and  2nd    read  above,  where  in UDISE+  data collection  for the year 2022-23 has been started and the  existing   UDISE+ Data Capture Format has been revised by incorporating  student wise  tracking  system and some additional Key  Performance Indicators (KPIs) etc.. Entire State performance will be calculated basing on the UDISE+ data.

2.   Unifed  District Information  System for   Education  Plus (UDISE+)  has a mandate  of   collecting  information  from  all  recognized  and  unrecognized schools   imparting  formal  education   from  Pre-primary   to  XII.   Information collected through the digital platform of  UDISE+, is utilized for  the planning, optimized   resource  allocation   and  implementation   of   various   education related programs and assessments of progress made.

3.   UDISE+ collects information through an online Data Collection Form (DCF) on parameters ranging from school, Infrastructure, teachers, enrolments, examination results etc. spread across 4 sections. The Schools which get on boarded successfully on the platform are provided a UDISE+ Code, which acts as a national level unique identifer. UDISE+ has the school as the unit of data collection and district as the unit of data distribution.

4.   Further, it is informed that, the revised Data Capture Format (DCF)  for  the year 2022-23 has been incorporated  with the following four (4)  sections,. The section  wise description  for  which the  data  entry  to be  done  against  each section is detailed here under :

a. Section 1: School Profle and Other details : Section 1 consists 5 parts i.e from 1(a) to 1(e) namely (Basic School Profle Location, Management, Medium   of   Instruction   etc),   School  Safety,  PGI   and  Other  Indicators, Receipts and Expenditure, Vocational Education under NSQF at Institutional level  )  all details  related  to the said  5 divisions will  be captured in this section.

b. Section  2 consists  School Facility :    This  section  captures the data related to the Schools facilities such as Toilets, drinking water,  electricity, Classrooms,   playground,   furniture,   lab,   libraries   and  all  other  physical /digital facilities etc. available in the school.

c. Section 3 consists  Teaching and Non Teaching Staf Details :  This section  captures the information  related  to teaching  Non- teaching/Administrative  and Support staf(s)  working in the  school  along with  their   details   such  as  Profle   details,   Qualifcations,   appointment details, Trainings etc.. in this section teacher / staf wise data to be flled.

d. Section 4 Student Details :  Section 4 is the new part incorporated from 2022-23,  here  it  captures   General   information   of   the  student  such as name, class, age, section, category,  disability, etc.

5.   In this juncture, it is informed that except Student Details section all the remaining  sections,  all the  remaining  section  will  be preflled  with the UDISE+ data   which  was  submitted  during  the  year  (2021-22) to  the  extent  of   old school’s. Further w.r.t the Schools which were reopened and new schools (not available in 2021-22 ) shall be provided with blank DCF for  fresh entry.

6.    As student profle  is capturing  for  the frst  time  in UDISE  + portal,  this year all the Student Profle  Section details shall  be provided centrally  from the back end as per the child info data.

7.   Therefore,  all the  Regional Joint  Directors,  District Educational  Officers, and Additional  Project  Coordinators  (SS)   in the State are requested to bestow their   personal   attention   and  issue   necessary  instructions   to   their   fled functionaries    to   complete    the   data   entry   by   26-01-2023    positively. ASO/APO/MIS  etc. working in both DEO offices and APC offices can be utilized as per their convenience.

8.   Detailed user manual for  flling the DCF, Roles and responsibilities at each level   are  annexed  to  these  proceedings.   State  Level   review  meeting   on verifcation and purifcation of data will be organized on 27-01-2023, respective teams should  attend the said  meeting  with  all relevant  data. Venue  will  be informed separately.

9.   These  instructions  must  be  followed scrupulously,  any deviation  in this regard will be viewed very serious.

Encl: User Manual, Roles and Responsibilities.


1           RJDSEs

       Instructions    are   to  be  issued    to  the   feld

functionaries  and monitor  the data entry work to certifcation of  U-DISE+ 2022-23 of  the Sub- ordinates.

       Utmost care must be taken while entering the data at school level and at certifcation level as

well to avoid erroneous data entries which are reflecting in all the national dashboards like SDG, PGI and SEQI.

1           DEO’s/APCs(SSA)

       Instructions    are   to  be  issued    to  the   feld functionaries  i.e.  ASOs, MEOs, MIS coordinators

and Head Masters of all schools to start the data entry  from  7th January   and  to  complete   the process  of   data  entry  by  26th January.  Clear instructions have to be given to all the feld functionaries   to  enter   the   factual    data   of schools.

       Monitoring    the   accuracy  of    the   data   duly observing the Exceptional reports as this data is very  crucial  towards  national  dashboards indicators  such as SDG, PGI  and SEQI  all other departmental  indicators  which  are  related  to NITI AAYOG.

           Before Certifcation  of  the U-DISE  2022-23 data exceptional   reports  are  to  be  cross  checked thoroughly to avoid erroneous data.

2           MEOs

       Regular  monitoring  of  the data entry process at school level must be ensured.

       Communicate   the  Exceptional   reports  to  the H.M.  and   instruct    the   H.M.s to   rectify    the erroneous data before the closure  of  data entry process.

       Exceptional  reports are to be checked properly before certifcation.

3           Head Master

       All the teachers in the  schools  are to be aware of  indicators  in the  DCF  and have to contribute in flling  the  data  and the  Head Master  has to check the school details in the  data  entry  level and do required  modifcations.  Factual  data has to be reflected in the DCF.

4           ASO/APO

•    Proper orientation  to all the stakeholders  of  the district    in   virtual    and   physical    mode   and

educate them on the importance  flling  factual data in the DCF and to reduce erroneous data.

       Exceptional   reports  are  to  be  cross  checked thoroughly before certifcation.

5           MIS Coordinator         / Computer operator

       Need to have proper understanding  on flling  of data  in the  DCF  and has to guide  all the  Head Teachers on how to fll the data properly.

       They should  create  Data Entry User at  mandal level  and enter the data of  schools  where there

is   no    internet     and   schools     that   require assistance.

       Post flling  of  data they shall  obtain  and cross verify all the data indicator wise and ensure that

all the data entered correctly.

       Exceptional  reports are to be checked properly before certifcation by the MEO.

Download Proceedings Click Here

Download User Manual Click Here


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