Nadu Nedu Phase-II Detailed Safety Measures in School Premises - Orders Issued


Circular.No.1941089/MBNN/2022    Dated.28/12/2022

Nadu Nedu Phase-II Detailed Safety Measures in School Premises - Orders Issued

Sub: Mana    Badi    Nadu-Nedu,    Phase-II    :    Certain    guidelines    and-        precautionary Safety Measures to be adopted to avoid incidents / accidents in Nadu-Nedu School premises -Issued-Reg.

Ref:- 1).GO Ms. No 87, dated 30-11-2019 of the School Education (Progs-II) Department.
2).GO Ms. No 22, dated 06.05.2020 of the School Education (Progs-II) Department.
3).GO Ms. No 27, dated 30.03.2021 of the School Education (Progs-II) Department.
4).GO Ms. No 119, dated 22.06.2022 of the School Education (Progs-II) Department.

The Government have accorded administrative sanction for implementation of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II for improving the infrastructural facilities in 22344 Schools (AWCs, High Schools, Upper Primary Schools, Primary Schools and Junior Colleges) with a total Budget outlay of Rs.8000 Crores vide ref 4th cited.

As part of this program construction activity is taken up like digging of ground, dismantling of buildings and there is a scope for occurrence of accidents and adequate precautionary measures are to be adopted to prevent accidents.
The following    are the safety guidelines to be followed    to ensure proper  safety  of  students  in    School Premises to avoid untoward incidents and accidents.

A. Steps to ensure Child Safety:
●    Head    Master    Should    Walk    around    the    school    site    with    the Engineer/Parents Committee to highlight key risks, sharp objects.
●    Ensure the construction zone is separated from the school site i.e., fenced with safety tapes available in the market.
●    Identify safe travel routes around the construction site for staff and students.
●    Provide separate access times for machinery, equipment, Materials and removal of waste from site i.e., before or after school hours.
●    Ensure that there is no access to the construction zone for school staff, students, or others.
●    Provide Caution board at the work Site to reduce accidents, enforce school rules.
●    While dismantling, necessary precautionary measures shall be taken to safe guard the public and surrounding properties of Government or Otherwise. Material not found useful shall be properly disposed off away from the school premises. Proper hoardings/Blue Sheets shall be kept to safeguard the adjoining properties/ Structures.

B)    Safety Precautions for workers and Engineers:

●    All the workers should wear personal protective equipment like Helmet, Steel toed boots, Gloves, glasses, face masks etc.
●    Provide First AID equipment at site of work.
●    Keep the work area clean
●    Ladder safety and scaffolding at stable surface
●    Additional care should be taken where power lines are falling near the working area
●    No crowding inside the site premises.
●    Precautionary measures to be taken while lifting of materials, concrete etc.
●    emergency exit should be planned in case of fire accidents etc
●    Arrange caution signs at site area.
●    Not to wear loose cloths and slippery foot ware
●    Assess the risk before approach the work.
●    Don’t take short cuts always follow the rules.
●    The entire construction site should have caution boards.

Hence,   All   the    Head   Masters/Sachivalayam   Engineers   and   the Parents Committee shall ensure that the above instructions are properly complied and followed.

Download Detailed Scenario and Proceedings Click Here


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