CAG Audit Nadu Nedu Phase - I schools : Required Registers and Records 2022

CAG Audit Nadu Nedu Phase - I schools : Required Registers and Records

CAG Audit Nadu Nedu Phase - I schools : Required Registers and Records

प्रधान महालेखाकार (लेखापरीक्षा) का कार्यालय,

आंध्रप्रदेश, विजयवाड़ा



सत्यमेव जयते लोकहितार्थ सत्यनिष्ठा

Lr. No. PAG (Audit)/AP/FAP-13/Schools visit/2022-23/, Date: 17-10-2022


The Commissioner,

School Education Department, Gollapudi, Krishna District.

Sub: Detailed Compliance Audit of Mana Badi: Nadu-Nedu, Phase-I -reg


A Detailed Compliance Audit on " Mana Badi : Nadu-Nedu (Phase-I)" is taken up for inclusion in the Comptroller and Auditor General's Audit Report. This audit will broadly cover implementation of scheme in the state. Three Audit teams will visit the APC offices and schools from the end of October 2022.

In this regard, it is requested that the APCs and administration of the schools under all managements along with other engineering staff to cooperate with the audit teams.

1. APC is requested to furnish all the documents, records, vouchers, challans, etc. and files including e-office and online data. Necessary office accommodation and facilities may be arranged for the smooth conduct of audit. In view of the time constraint, priority shall be given to audit assignment.

2. The AG audit party will visit any of the Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary schools in the district. The APC is requested to extend cooperation and coordinate the visits in their district.

3. During the school visits, Audit team will verify the cash book, registers and resolutions of the parents committee, cheque books, bank statements of the school. The school administration, the parents committee, and MEO/CRC shall attend to the audit, and they may be instructed to keep all the records ready for submission to audit.

4. In respect of the Phase-I of Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu, the following records/documents may be arranged for audit scrutiny

  • a. indents submitted to APC
  • b. estimates prepared and copies of approved estimates c. records relating the compound wall and water supply
  • d. stock registers
  • e. bank statement and cash book f. details of local purchases made along with market survey/ comparative statement
  • g. sand delivery challans/receipts h. advance register/imprest register
  • i. cement account (indent through YSR Nirman and local purchase, delivery challans and vouchers)
  • j. agreements entered between the PC and implementing agency (EE)
  • k. M Books and work completion report/status report and
  • 1. records relating the utilization of Revolving Fund

5. All the staff, School administration, Parents committee, engineering staff, etc. may be instructed to be present in the school during the audit visit.

Yours faithfully,

Senior Audit Officer/FAP-13

Download Required Registers and Records for Audit

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