NEP Merging Guidelines: ఇప్పటి వరకు జారీ చేసిన ఉత్తర్వులు, నిర్వహించిన వెబెక్స్ మీటింగ్ లను పురస్కరించుకుని 3,4,5 తరగతుల విలీనం పై ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ చేసిన శ్రీకాకుళం డి.ఈ.ఓ

School   Education     –    Srikakulam   District     –   Academic   and Administrative reforms- Optimal utilization of infrastructural and human  resources  for  higher  learning    outcomes  among  students Redeployment of  teachers  &  shifting  of  students    -  Certain guidelines / instructions – Issued.

The Director of School Education, AP Amaravathi has issued certain guidelines for mapping of Classes 3 to 5 of Primary Schools which are located in  same/  adjacent/  below  250  mtrs  of  the  High  School  with  same management for  providing  teachers  exclusively  for  Class  I  and  II  and subject teachers for class III to V.

Accordingly, necessary instructions have been issued to allthe Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers in Srikakulam District on subject matter to redeployment of teachers and mapping classes 3 to 5 duly adhere to the instructions issued vide reference 3rd cited.

In  turn,  the  Deputy  Educational  Officers  and  Mandal  Educational Officers  in  Srikakulam  District have  identified  &furnished  proposalswith recommendation  for  mapping  of  3  to  5  classes  of  primary  Schools  and teachers to  the high Schools

Therefore, as per recommendations of the field level functionaries the undersigned is hereby ordered for mapping of    3 to 5 classes of primary Schools  and  teachers  to  the  high  schools  as  detailed  in  the  annexure appended to these proceedings, subject to following.

1. While  redeploying  the  teachers  to  concerned  high  schools,  the academic aspects including service matters shall be shifted from such primary school to high school concerned. 

2. The DDO Concerned shall draw and disburse the salaries of  primary school  teachers who mapped to high school from same primary school until further instructions. 

3. The  Headmasters  of  such  high  schools  shall  ensure  subject  wise teachers from class 3rd duly ensuring maximum 32 periods per week  per  teacher  and  the  time  table  shall  be  framed  accordingly (Model time table according to academic calendar may be adopted).  th  to 10

4. The Headmaster of such high school is competent to utilize the human resources available at their end as per the educational qualifications of the redeployed teachers. 

5. Whether accommodation is insufficient in high school, the classes 3,4,5 shall  conduct  in  same  primary  school  under  supervision  of  the concerned Headmaster of the tagged high school. 

6. As per the instructions of the DSE, AP, Amaravathi vide reference 6th and 7 cited,  No MDM workers shall be terminated and hence ,  same agency shall supply JaganannaGorumudda to 1 to 5 classes until further orders. 

7. The Dy.EOsshall submit the surplus/deficit of teachers if any in the High schools to re adjust the teachers to the needy schools as per the instructions of the DSE, AP, Amaravathi. 

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Annexure - I   & Annexure - II

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