Transfers: మున్సిపాలిటీల మెర్జింగ్ కేసుల వల్ల ఆగిపోయిన టీచర్ల బదిలీలు ఈ నెల 30 లోగా పూర్తి

School Education Certain court cases filed by the teachers! working in MPP/ZPP Schools in the limits of Municipal Corporation/Municipalities to continue them in the same schools - Dismissal of WPS by the Hon'ble High Court - Certain Instructions - Issued.

i. The teachers (who have completed 8 years in same school and come under compulsory transfer but continued with Hon'ble court orders) will be given option to choose from the left over vacancies in the transfer counselling (teacher less schools/single teacher needy schools in category-IV & III) by conducting counselling and place them in opted places between 16-06-2021 and 30-06-2021 (as per the norms of G.O.Ms.No.54 dated 12-10-2020) by way of counselling.

ii. Inform the concerned teachers that they shall be given one more opportunity to exercise their options once again in the ensuing transfer counseling, even though they do not complete two years of service as per the directions of Hon'ble High court.

iii. Fill up the vacancies arose due to shifting of said teachers from the schools located in Municipal limits through work adjustment until further orders.

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