Nadu Nedu: SMF Allocation Operational Guidelines Revised

 Nadu Nedu: SMF Allocation Operational Guidelines Revised


Memo  No.1840006  /MBNN/2022          Date:   02.11.2022
Nadu Nedu: SMF Allocation Operational Guidelines Revised

Sub:  Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu  - School  infrastructure  Maintenance Funds  - allocation and   operational  Guidelines --    Revised guidelines   issued  - Government   Memo Communicated-  Reg.
Ref:   Government    Memo    No.1840006/Prog-II/A2/2022,    Dt.02.11 .2022
(Reference copy communicated)

While Communicating Government memo, All the Regional Joint Directors,   District   Educational  · Officers,   Additional   Project   Co• ordinators in the state are requested to take necessary action in the matter, as directed  by the Government.

2.The  above  said  memo  is  also  available   in


Memo.No.1840006/Prog. ll/A2/2022                Dated:  02/11/2022

Sub: SE -   Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu  - School  Infrastructure  Maintenance  Fund
- allocation    and operational  guidelines  - Revised  guidelines - Reg.

Ref:  1. Government    Memo  No.1632817/Prog.ll/A2/2022,  Dt.04.02.2022
2. From     Commissioner,  School  Infrastructure,  eFile  No:  11/36/2022- CIVIL SEC-SSA-Part(l),    dated:12.10.2022

Government   have   taken   up   School   infrastructure   improvement through  Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu  program  in  a  phased  manner.   In  Phase-I  of the   program,    15,713     schools     were    taken    up    for    improving    the infrastructure.  All  the  assets  and  equipment  created  under  Nadu  Nedu, should  be maintained  well  by promptly  attending  to periodic  maintenance and  essential  repairs  to be undertaken  to maintain  the quality  and extend the life  of the assets created. Therefore,  Government  have decided  to give top  most  priority  to  the  School  Infrastructure,  School  Maintenance  and Toilet maintenance.  Accordingly,  Government  have  issued  School Infrastructure   Maintenance   Funds-allocation   and   operational   guidelines
vide  reference  1st cited.

2.      In  the  reference  2nd cited,  the Commissioner,  School  Infrastructure has informed that guidelines issued in the reference 1st cited  are only for Phase-I   schools   and   requested  to  revise   the  draft  guidelines,  so  as  to
incorporate  Phase-II,  Phase-Ill   schools  and Junior colleges also.

3.        In   the   circumstances   reported   by   the   Commissioner,    School Infrastructure and  in supersession of the Government Memo issued in the reference  r= cited,  Government  hereby  revise  the  School  Infrastructure Maintenance  Funds  -  allocation  and operational  guidelines,  as follows:

(I)  The  funds  will  be  utilised  by  the School  Head  Masters I Principals  of Junior  Colleges  and  Residential  schools  and  other  Educational  Institutions, for the following  purpose:

TMF   (Toilet Maintenance  Fund)             (i) Tools for Toilet Maintenance (ii)     Consumables      for   Toilet Maintenance  (Materials)
(iii) Wages of Ayahs and
SMF    (School  Maintenance  Fund)              ( i)     Repairs of all assets
(ii)           Replacement    of    (non- warranty)  items
(iii)     Restoration
SG     (School   Grant )  under                     (i)     Power bills

Samagra  Shiksha
(ii)  Internet  bills
(iii)  Other consumables
(iv)  Office  stationary
(v)  Office  furniture  repairs  not under warranty.

CIIHmplementation  Process  :

a)     The  Parents  committee  shall  nominate   2 members from the Parents   Committee    (PC)   for   cheque    signing.   These  2   (Two) members   shall  be from  the elected  members  of  PC   and shall  be nominated   by  the  parents  committee    by  passing   resolution .. These Two  members and the Head  Master   shall  be authorized  as Joint  account  signatories  for  cheques.   In  case  of  ongoing   Nadu Nedu  Schools,  The  existing   parent  Committees  will  monitor the Maintenance  Fund  as per the  procedure  under Nadu-Nedu.

b)  These   three   members  shall   form  the  school   development committee  and  shall  be  accountable  to the  Parents  committee and  inform all  the transactions in their monthly  meetings.

(Ill) Identification  of  repairs  on daily basis:

a)     The  Head  Master  and  Parent  Committee  Members  will  go around  the School  on  a daily  basis  and  identify  the needs  and maintenance  items which  need to be taken up immediately.

b)     Estimates will  be  prepared   for each  need  and   the Parents Committee  shall  pass a resolution  on the repairs   to be taken up. The  resolution  shall  be  signed   by   Head  Master  ,     Engineering Assistant /Ward  Amenities  Secretary  and  majority   members  of the Parent Committee  and the same  should  be uploaded  in  STMS App by the Head Master.This resolution shall be treated as Administrative  Sanction.

c)     Once the committee identifies the list of repairs and the approximate  estimated  amount,  the  same   shall  be  entered  in STMS  by the HM  in  the  mobile App  along  with  component wise photos  of repairable  items.

d)     The format for the estimated  repairs is given below:

SI  No Name    of the omponent
Type   of repairs
Photo    to be uploaded

The  above  information  will be uploaded  in  the mobile  application after the resolution  by the parent's  committee.

e)     Once the information  is  uploaded  by Head  Master  ,  the same shall    be    sent    to    Sachivalayam    engineer's    log    in.    The Sachivalayam   Engineer   who   is   a   member   of   the   Parent's committee   and   took  part  in   the  identification   process,   shall endorse the same  and  push the same  to MEO (Mandal Education Officer). The  MEO shall  endorse the same  after verification of the repairs    identified    and    the   costing    done    by    the   parent's committee  and upload  the same to APC at district  level.

f)      Once   Head  Master  uploads   the  resolution,  Administrative sanction  is  accorded  by  the Head  Master,  FAO will generate the FTO  (fund Transfer Order)  and the APC will  approve the same  and send to CFMS.

g)       Once  the  money   is  received,  the   Parents   committee  at school  level  shall  start implementing  the repairs  under SMF.

h)      The  rates  of  material  such  as  cement,  sand,  bricks,  tiles, taps,   pipes,    and   labor   charges   such    as   mason,    plumber, carpenter etc  shall  be  decided   by  the  parent committee  before the work  is  started.

i)       No  advance shall  be paid  to any supplier or laborers.  Head Master is permitted to hold  imprest advance of   Rs.5000/- every Month.

j)      The  committee  shall  procure  the material  from  the market duly paying for the cost after thorough market enquiry. Once the work   is   done,    payments   shall    be    made    to laborers/Mason/Plumber and bills will  be taken from  the laborers.

k)       For  every   bill  there  shall  be  one   printed  voucher  to  be written  by  the HM.  Each  bill  and  voucher shall  be  signed   by  all the SMF committee  members.

I)       All  the  signed   bills/vouchers  shall  be  uploaded   in  STMS mobile  App,   as   proof  of  expenditure.Head   Master  ,     one   PC member  ,      Engineering  Assistant  shall   sign   every   bill   before uploading the bill into STMS.

(IV) Monthly  Special  Inspections  :

The Head  Master  ,   Engineering  Assistant/  Ward  amenities  Secretary and the Welfare  and  Education  assistant shall  in the  first week  of every month  conduct a  detailed  inspection to  identify   repairs and  items which require  maintenance  and  the  same  will  be  captured  and  uploaded  to STMS.  In  case  of  warranty  items  the  Head  Master  through  his  login  will
raise  a  request to the Vendor to take up repairs and  replace the defective parts/spares  covered   under  warranty  period.   For  items  which   are  not covered  under warranty,  the STMS  software  will  generate  estimates  and the process for release  of funds to Parent Committees will be triggered.

CV)  Fund  Flow:

Based  on  the  prescribed  ceilings for each  category  of schools,  the initial  amount  would  be  released.   After spending  80%  of  the  released amount the eligible amount for the next month  will be topped up.

By  taking  District  as  a  unit  80%  of  the  total  SMF  amount  due  to schools/  Jr.   Colleges   will   be  released   to  schools.    20%   of  the  District entitlement  will  be kept  at the disposal  of the District  Collector for   Special and  high   value   repairs  (which  are  beyond  the  School  Financial  Ceiling limits  )  Annexure-1  & II.

(Vl)Transparency  and  prudency :

a)        Every   Rupee   is   important   in   SMF.   Due   diligence   and transparency  shall  be followed while  incurring  expenditure.

b)     The  HM,  Sachivalayam  Engineer.and  other SMF  committee members  shall  ignore  local vested  interests and  take up   repair works  with  honesty  and  transparency.

c) The HM being  the Government representative and being a responsible officer shall  provide best services to his/her students and shall  hold  great  responsibility and accountability.

(VII)  Books  of Accounts  :

Minutes  book  shall   be  maintained  in  which   all  the  decisions  are recorded  and  Signed  by  PC  members the same  shall  be  scanned   in  the mobile   application  and  uploaded  to  STMS.  Cash  book  entries  on  a  daily basis  shall  be  captured.  Daily receipts  and  expenditure  ,    stock  register , inventory  register shall  be maintained  by Head  Master.

(VIII)  Social  Audit  :

a)      The  expenses  met  under  SMF  and  school   Grant  under  SS
shall  be subjected  to detailed  social  audit process.

b)     Disciplinary Action will be initiated against all the committee members  if they  resort to any  misappropriation  in  the implementation  of SMF or School  grant under SS is  noticed.

(IX) Execution   instructions  :

a)     Execution  should  be done  by parent's  committee  and  this is non-negotiable.  No  contractor shall  be engaged for this purpose.

b)     The  repairs  may be taken up  any  time  throughout  the year. It  need  not  be a one time  activity.

c)      The  details of work done  shall  be  recorded  in  detail  in the voucher.
d)     All Nadu  Nedu  GOs, guidelines, circulars  should  be followed. e)       While   incurring  the  expenditure   Parents   Committee   may
adopt  the  lowest   market  rates   prevailing   at  Manda!   level.   No
engineering  estimates  are  required  to  be   prepared  as  these repair works  are  very small  in  nature.

f)     Amount should  be spent only  on items  which  are  not  covered by  warranty.  The  details  of material  supplied  under  Nadu  Nedu which has warranty  period  is  given  in  Annexure  Ill.

g)      While  uploading  the  Bills  expenditure  upto  plus  or  minus
25%  deviation  in  any  component  in  original  estimates  will   be allowed  within  the School  ceiling   limit.  In  case  the deviation  is beyond   25%  APC  will  approve  the  same  within  School  ceiling limit.  Hence  Preparation  of initial  estimate  in  a diligent  manner is very  important.

h)       Of  the  total  allotted  amount  for  a  District  20%   will   be earmarked  for Special  and  Emergency  repairs.  District Collector will  approve  such  repairs  and  in  such  schools,  permission for a Special  repairs  estimate  generation  will  be opened  in  STMS.

CX)  Negative  list  :

(a)   No  new  constructions  like  new  class   rooms,   new   kitchen sheds, Dining  sheds  or new  infrastructure shall  be taken up with these funds.

(b)  No  new equipment  or  Furniture  should  be purchased. (c)    Capital  expenditure shall  be prohibited.
(XI)  Flying  Squad:

There shall  be a  flying  squad  at district level to be constituted  by district  collector which  will  consist  of one  officer each  from  engineering section  ;    Education  department;  R&B  Department  and  V&E  Department and  independent  member  from   Parents  Committees.  The  squad   shall undertake  a  minimum number of 7  surprise  inspections  in  the month  and send  a  detailed  report giving their observations and  shortfalls to the RJD/ Government simultaneously.

(XII)  Provision  in  STMS   Software  :

The  Nadu-Nedu  STMS software  shall  be used for  all  purposes  of SMF and School Grant.  The selection of agency  for all software related support should    be   made    in   a   transparent   and   competitive   manner   as   per procedures  and  NOT by nomination.

4.      The Commissioner of School  Infrastructure, all the District Collectors, Regional Joint  Directors,  District  Educational  Officers,   Additional  Project Co-ordinators     of    Samagra    Shiksha,     Executive    Engineers,     District Educational  Officers  shall  ensure  that  the above  guidelines  are  followed scrupulously  to ensure timely maintenance of the assets and  equipment created  under Mana  Badi  Nadu  Nedu  program.

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