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Model School Teacher Transfers Relieving Orders Issued


Present: Sri S. Suresh Kumar I.A.S.,

R.C No:  ESE02-11021/331/2020-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE Dated:12/05/2022

Sub :- School  Education   Department  –   A.P   Model  Schools   –   General Transfers  –  2022-  Relieving of  Principals,  PGTs &  TGTs  -  Certain instructions   issued – Reg.

Read: 1.    G.O.   Rt.No.264    School    Education    (PROG.I)  Department,dated:30.11.2021.

2.G.O.Rt.No.285 School Education (Prog.I) dept.,dated:23.12.2021.

3.Transfer  orders  issued   on  05.02.2022  &   07.02.2022  through online.

4.Procgs.Rc.No/24/A&I/2022  dated:23.04.2022 of  the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Amaravati.



The attention of  all the RJDSE's  & DEO's in the State  is invited  to the   1st    and   2nd   read   above,   in  which  orders   were   issued   by  the Government  in connection  with transfers  of  the  Principals, PGTs & TGTs working  in  AP  Model  schools  in the  State.  Accordingly, after  conducting transfer  counseling  online,  orders  of  transfers  in  respect of  the above categories were issued in the reference 3rd read above. The transfers now ordered are purely adhoc , subject to outcome of the Judgment in the court cases fled in the matter.

Therefore,  all the Regional Joint  Directors/District Educational Officers of School Education in the State are hereby instructed to relieve the P.G.Ts & TGTS concerned, on the A.N. of 13.05.2022 with instructions to report at the new stations on 14/05/22 F.N.

Further, If any Principal/PGTs/TGTs were  assigned exam duties during these dates, they should be treated as deemed to be relived  and joined. Concerned  teachers  may  send  their  relieving/joining  reports  through  e email to the concerned authorities.

Further, the RJDs/DEOs/Principals  are requested to submit the dates of   relief  and  joining of   the incumbents  to the  undersigned  for   record purposes.

Receipt of these proceedings shall be acknowledged forthwith.


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