Certain Instructions about School Laboratories - Orders


Present: Sri S. Suresh Kumar, I.A.S.,

Procs.Rc.No.ESE02/291/2022-SCERT Dated:04/04/2022

Sub: School Education - SCERT, AP -Certain instructions about laboratories in Schools Reg.

Read: Complaint received from some students of A.P. Dated 12.10.2021.

It is brought to the notice of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh that the Science Laboratories established in many schools are not used properly for the intended purpose and children are not given proper exposure to the practical aspects in the laboratories. In some schools, they are used just as show-pieces or the lab is used to store tables, Chairs, Project Books. Answer Scripts etc., and they are even not allowing the students into the Laboratories.

In this connection, it is informed that no matter how good the laboratory is in the school, the use of it can be frustrating if it is not utilized and maintained properly.

In order to understand the scientific concepts, one has to look. beyond the books and conventional class-room teaching. All the theoretical concepts can be proved by experimenting in the laboratory. So, laboratory teaching is an important means of instruction in science because it provides training in observation, gives detailed information, arouses interest in pupils, assumes the first-hand experience, makes their learning more creative and joyful and also enhances psycho-motor skills among students.

In view of the above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby directed to issue necessary instructions to all the Head Masters / Headmistress, Teachers and all the District Science Officers under their jurisdiction on the following:

1. Must ensure proper utilization of science laboratories and make them available to the students.

2. Must follow the instructions /guidelines / timelines scrupulously for the lab activities issued in the Academic Calendar.

3. Must ensure the lab activities mentioned in the Academic Calendar should be done by the students. The same should be recorded in the Science Lab Records / Formative Assessment Note Book and Teacher Diary.

4. The Head Masters / Headmistress / Teachers must verify student Lab Record Formative Assessment Note Book and Teacher diary in a periodical manner.

5. The District Science Officers, Head Masters Headmistress and Teachers ensure that the maximum number of students must be participated in the science related competitions like INSPIRE, ATL, NCERT COMPETITIONS, and other programmes / activities regularly through maximum utilization of science laboratories.

Further, they are also informed that the Science Laboratory activities will be considered for the assessment / grading of schools and teachers.

Further all the inspecting officers are instructed to verify the records. maintained by the teachers and students related to the lab activities during their visit. If any violations noticed it should be brought to the notice of the concerned appointing officer to initiate necessary disciplinary action.

The inspecting officers are also directed to intimate the best practices adopted by the schools and teachers to the Director, S.C.E.R.T., Andhra Pradesh for examine the best adoptable practices. In turn the Director, S.C.E.R.T., disseminate the best adoptable practices to all the schools in the State for further implementation.

Any deviation of these orders will be viewed seriously. S Suresh Kumar


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Certain Instructions about School Laboratories - Orders

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