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PRC Sadhana Samithi Letter to CS : సి.ఎస్ వారికి పి.ఆర్.సి సాధన సమితి నాయకుల లేఖ

PRC STRUGGLE COMMITTEE (United Forum of Employees, Teachers and Pensioners Associations), Amaravati Vijayawada, DT:09.02.2022


The Chief Secretary,

Government of Andhra Pradesh, A.P. Secretariat, Velagapudi,

Respected Sir,

Sub: Certain incidents reported in media & social media carrying malicious propaganda against leaders of PRC Sadhana Samithi with bad motives by section of employees/teachers involvement of anti social /political activists suspension - request to take necessary disciplinary /criminal action against culprits - Reg.


We wish to inform that after reaching out an agreement with the Government in settlement of certain demands related to PRC and allied matters by the PRC Sadhana Samithi leaders, a section of employees/teachers are carrying malicious propaganda against the 4 (four) Chairmans of PRC Sadhana Samithi severely damaging their age old earned reputation and even commenting the family members with a shabby & filthy languages. The Print & Electronic media have also given vide publicity of these incidents by repeatedly telecasting in news channels. Even trolling in social media fora has also reached its peak causing heartburn to the reputed leaders, family members and their followers. As these incidents have caused much damage to the leaders and their family members in the public society it needs a stern and strong action against the culprits to control the damage as well to create a check in future. Some of the incidents are placed herewith for appreciation of seriousness.

Some teachers in a Government School in Kurubavandlapalli Village, Ananthapuram District are doing false propaganda against the four leaders of PRC SADHANA SAMITHI, by comparing the leaders with street dogs, causing damage to our prestige and the prestige of the Government.

Similar incidents were carried in Edcherla(v) in Srikakaulam District, Varikuntapadu(v) Nellore District, Porumamilla in Kadapa district and several other places in the State. Most painful point is that events are carried paying tributes to 4 Chairmans of PRC Struggle Committee and trolling the videos and widely circulated in employees whatshapp groups.

We suspect involvement of anti social and political activists with the connivance with some of the teachers association representatives in this process. It is evident from the modus that all these activities are carried with political motives.

Hence, it needs a strong message from the Government by initiation of disciplinary action against the employees and teachers involved in these activities besides investigation on the involvement of anti social and political eliments with relevant criminal action against them.

We solicit an urgent action.

Yours faithfully,

(BANDI SRINIVASA RAO) President, APNGOs Association & Chairman, APJAC



(BOPPARAJU VENKATESWARLU) President, APRSA & Chairman APJAC, Amaravati

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PRC Sadhana Samithi Letter to CS : సి.ఎస్ వారికి పి.ఆర్.సి సాధన సమితి నాయకుల లేఖ

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