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All Important Useful Links : అన్ని ముఖ్యమైన లింకులు



S.No Name Link
1.1 GSWS Services Dashboard Click Here
1.2 Scheme/Survey Acknowledgement Report Click Here
1.3 Navasakam Beneficiary Grievance Report Click Here
1.4 Distirct Profiles Monthly Report Click Here
1.5 Energy Services Report Click Here
1.6 Navasakam Grievance Dashboard Click Here
1.7 Six Step Validation Dashboard Click Here


S.No Name Link
2.1 Amount Tracking Dashboard Click Here
2.2 Secretariat wise Payment Data Click Here
2.3 Payment Data Report Click Here
2.4 Secretariat Challan Status Report Click Here
2.5 CSC/UID Challan Status Report Click Here
2.6 UID/CSC Challan Abstract Report Click Here
2.7 Day Wise Transaction/Payment Report Click Here


S.No Name Link
3.1 HRMS Report Click Here
3.2 Secretariat Employees & volunteers Attendance Report Click Here
3.3 Personal Profile Update Dashboard Click Here
3.4 Status of Deputation at District HoD Level Click Here
3.5 Leave Approval and Regularisation Status Click Here
3.6 Attendance Daywise Report Click Here
3.7 Attendance Dashboard - Datewise Click Here

4.General Reports

S.No Name Link
4.1 Secretariat Employees Report Click Here
4.2 Secretariat Volunteers Report Click Here
4.3 Cluster to Household Mapping Report Click Here
4.4 State Level HH Resurvey Report Click Here
4.5 COVID 19 Survey Dashboard Click Here
4.6 Employee Bank Tagging Registration Report Click Here
4.7 RTS-Report District Level Pending Details Click Here
4.8 Mobile Loss/ Theft / Damage – Report Click Here

5.Inspection Reports

S.No Name Link
5.1 Inspection Report - Designation Wise Click Here
5.2 Inspection Report - Cummulative Click Here
5.3 Inspection Report-Dashboard Click Here

6.Imp Sachivalayam Home Page Links

S.No Name Link
6.1 Cluster - Volunteer Mapping Click Here
6.2 New Volunteer Online Application Link Click Here
6.3 Know Your Volunteer Click Here
6.4 Citizen Six Step Details Click Here
6.5 Navasakm Grievance Status Click Here
6.6 About Navaratnalu Click Here
6.7 Volunteer Corner Click Here
6.8 Employee Corner Click Here
6.9 Citizen Corner Click Here
6.10 PMU HOUSING - Working Site Click Here

7.Social Welfare Schemes

S.No Name Link
7.1 EBC Nestham - Web Site Link Click Here
7.2 EBC Nestham - District Wise Abstract Click Here
7.3 EBC Nestham - Mobile App Download Status Click Here
7.4 Jagananna Thodu - Web Site Link Click Here
7.5 Jagananna Thodu - Mobile App Download Status Click Here
7.6 Jagananna Thodu - District Wise Abstract Click Here
7.7 Jagananna Thodu - Target For December-2021 Click Here
7.8 Jagananna Thodu - Phase-3 Loan Disbursement Abstract Click Here
7.9 Jagananna Thodu - Interest Amount Reimbursement Rejected Abstract Click Here
7.10 Jagananna Thodu -Beneficiary-Outreach Abstract Click Here
7.11 JagannaThodu Report Click Here
7.12 Jagananna Thodu application pushed to Bank dashboard Click Here
7.13 Jagananna Thodu Loan Disbursement Dashboard Click Here
7.14 Jagananna Thodu Interest Calculations Report Click Here
7.15 Jagananna Thodu ReVerification Report Click Here
7.16 Jagananna Thodu Phase 2 Report Click Here
S.No Name Link
7.17 Chedodu - Scheme Beneficiary Verification Abstract Click Here
7.18 YSR Asara - Beneficiary-Outreach Abstract Click Here
7.19 YSR Asara - App Download Abstract Click Here
7.20 Unified BIMA Portal Click Here
7.21 Unified Scheme Wise Claims Dashboard Click Here
7.22 YSR Bhima - Web Site Click Here
7.23 YSR Bhima - Login Page Click Here
7.24 YSR Bhima - Status Search Click Here
7.25 YSR Bhima - Cliam Dashboards Click Here
7.26 YSR Bhima - Rs 10,000 Not Paid Reasons Click Here
7.27 YSR Bhima - Registered - Accidental Death Claims Click Here
7.28 YSR Bhima - Registered - Natural Death Claims Click Here
7.29 YSR Bhima - Claims Pending with JC Click Here
7.30 YSR Bhima - Claim Sent to GSWS Click Here
7.31 YSR Bhima - Claims Sent to Insurance Company Click Here
7.32 YSR Bhima - Accidental Claims Click Here
7.33 YSR Bhima - Requirement Claims Status Click Here
7.34 YSR Bhima - Claims Pending at Insurance Company Click Here
7.35 YSR Bhima - Amount Wise Claims Settled Click Here
7.36 YSR Bhima - Caste Wise claims at Insurance Company (Accidental Death) Click Here
7.37 YSR Bhima - Caste Wise claims at Insurance Company (Normal Death) Click Here
7.38 YSR Bhima - Requirement Wise Reason Wise Pending Claims Click Here
7.39 YSR Bhima - Rejected Wise Reason Wise Claims Click Here
7.40 Farmer Suicide Exgratia - SLA Report Click Here
7.41 Farmer Suicide Exgratia - Pending claims Report Click Here
7.42 YSR Matsyakhara Bharosa - SLA Report Click Here
7.43 YSR Matsyakhara Bharosa - claims Report Click Here
7.44 YSR Matsyakhara Bharosa - SLA report(Commissioner) Click Here
7.45 YSR Matsyakhara Bharosa - SLA report(DFO) Click Here
7.46 YSR Pasu Nastaparihara Padhakam - Claims Report Click Here
7.47 YSR Pasu Nastaparihara Padhakam - LiveStock Claims Registered in New Portal Click Here
7.48 Agrigold - Web site Click Here
7.49 Housing - గృహనిర్మాణ పద్దతికి లబ్దిదారుని అంగీకార పత్రము రిపోర్ట్ Click Here
7.50 Housing - Identification of Phase-1 Layouts and Water Supply Requirement for Construction Purpose - Click Here
7.51 Housing - Navaratnalu Pedalandariki illu Grounding of Houses Report - Click Here
7.52 Housing - Layout Secretariat Mapping Report Click Here
7.53 Housing - Beneficiary Search Click Here
7.54 Housing - Report on Status of Levelling Compleition , Stones Planted for Demarcation in New layouts - Click Here
7.55 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Daily Attendance Report Click Here
7.56 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Daily Status Report Click Here
7.57 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Kitchen Garden Status Report Click Here
7.58 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Dal Receipt & Distribution Status Report Click Here
7.59 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Eggs Supplier Perfomance Report Click Here
7.60 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Egg Receipt Report Click Here
7.61 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Chikki Receipt Report Click Here
7.62 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM -MEO Rice Indent Details Report Click Here
7.63 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - MEO Inspection Details Report Click Here
7.64 Jaganannagorumudda - MDM - Chikki Supplier Perfomance Report Click Here
7.65 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Update Toilet Details Report Click Here
7.66 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Ayah Registration Status Report Click Here
7.67 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - JointAcct Reg Status Report Click Here
7.68 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Commitee Reg Status Report Click Here
7.69 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Incinerators Status Report Click Here
7.70 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Vending Machine Status Report Click Here
7.71 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Swachatha Programme Status Click Here
7.72 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Cleaning Chemicals Status Click Here
7.73 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Cleaning Tools Status Click Here
7.74 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Cleaning Accessories Status Click Here
7.75 Jaganannagorumudda - TMF - Ayah Payment Details Report Click Here
7.76 Jaganannagorumudda - Other Reports Click Here
7.77 YSR Lawnestham - Web Site Click Here
7.78 YSR Sunnavaddi - Web Site Click Here
7.78 YSR Sunnavaddi - Payment Status Report Click Here
7.79 YSR Asara - District Report Click Here
7.80 YSR Aarogya Sri - Web Site Click Here
7.81 YSR Aarogya Sri - Arogyaraksha Click Here
7.82 Health - Covid-19 Hospital Bed Status Click Here
7.83 Health - Covid-19 Sample Status Checking Click Here
7.84 Health - CCC Bed Availability Click Here
7.85 Health - Know Your MO Click Here
7.86 Health - Know Your ANM Click Here
7.87 Health - Know Your Asha Click Here
7.88 Health - Know Patient Status Click Here
7.89 Health - Know Your Sample Centre Click Here
7.90 Health - Volunteer Recruitment Form Click Here
7.91 Sadarem Web Site Click Here
S.No Name Link
7.91 YSR Jalakala - New Bore Apply Link ( Citizen ) Click Here
7.92 YSR Jalakala - Dpt Login Page Click Here
7.93 YSR Jalakala - Track Application Click Here
7.94 YSR Jalakala -Application Status Report Click Here
7.95 YSR Jalakala - Application Progress Report Click Here
7.96 YSR Jalakala - Daily Borewell Drilling Progress Report Click Here
7.97 YSR Jalakala - Application Beneficiary Report Click Here
7.98 YSR Jalakala - Application Beneficiary Report Click Here
7.99 YSR Jalakala - FTO's Status Summary Report Click Here
7.100 YSR Jalakala - FTO Reconciliation Report(Paid) Click Here
7.101 YSR Jalakala - Physical Finance Report Click Here
7.102 YSR Jalakala - Physical Finance Report Click Here
7.103 YSR Jalakala - Drilled Borewell Progress Report Click Here
7.104 YSR Jalakala - Drilling Progress Report Click Here
7.105 YSR Pension Kanuka - Login Page Click Here
7.106 YSR Pension Kanuka - Know Status Click Here
7.107 YSR Pension Kanuka - Disbursement Report Click Here
S.No Name Link
7.108 YSR Raithu Bharosa - Payment Status Click Here
7.109 YSR Raithu Bharosa - Grievance Status Click Here
7.110 YSR Raithu Bharosa - Login Page Click Here
7.111 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - Web Site Click Here
7.112 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - Stock Receipts AWC Click Here
7.113 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - THR Dashboard Biometric Click Here
7.114 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - THR Dashboard Report Click Here
7.115 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - THR Report Click Here
7.116 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - PSE Attendance Abstract Report Click Here
7.117 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - PSE Attendance Report Click Here
7.118 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - Growth Monitoring Abstract Report Click Here
7.119 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - Growth Monitoring Detailed Report Click Here
7.120 YSR Sampoorna Poshana - Tickets Report Click Here
7.121 Jagananna Vidya Kanuka - Web Site Click Here

8.Farmer Related Links

S.No Name Link
8.1 ROR - 1B Click Here
8.2 Village - 1B Click Here
8.3 Adangal Click Here
8.4 Village Adangal Click Here
8.5 Land - Aadar Seeding Click Here
8.6 Land - Mobile Linkig With Supporting Documnet Click Here
8.7 Land - Aadar Seeding Status Click Here
8.8 Village Map Click Here
8.9 FMB Click Here
8.10 YSR Raithu Bharosa - Payment Status Click Here
8.11 YSR Raithu Bharosa - Grievance Status Click Here
8.12 PM Kisan - Payment Status Click Here
8.13 PM Kisan - New Registration Click Here
8.14 PM Kisan - Edit Aadhaar Details Click Here
8.15 PM Kisan - Applicant Status Click Here
8.16 PM Kisan - Beneficiaries list Click Here
8.17 E-Passbook Click Here

9.Aadar Related Links

S.No Name Link
9.1 Aadar Status Click Here
9.2 Download Aadar Click Here
9.3 Order Aadar PVC Card Click Here
9.4 Order Aadar PVC Card - Status Click Here
9.5 Aadar Update Status Click Here
9.6 Aadar Update History Click Here
9.7 Aadar Address Change Online Click Here
9.8 Aadar Address Change Online - Status Click Here
9.9 Verify Aadar ( Know Mobile Number Last 3 Digits ) Click Here
9.10 Verify Aadar Mobile / Email ID Click Here
9.11 Aadar VID Generator Click Here
9.12 Lock/Unlock Biometrics Of Aadar Click Here
9.13 Aadar - Bank link Status Click Here
9.14 Aadar Number Lock / Unlock Click Here
9.15 Aadhaar Services on SMS Click Here
9.16 Aadhaar Authentication History Click Here
9.17 Book an Appointment For Aadar Click Here
9.18 Locate an Enrolment / Update center near you Click Here
9.19 Retrieve Lost or Forgotten EID/UID Click Here

10. PAN & Voter Card Related Links

S.No Name Link
10.1 Download e-PAN Card Click Here
10.2 Apply For New Instant PAN card Click Here
10.3 Check Status/ Download Instant PAN card Click Here
10.4 Link Aadhaar - PAN Click Here
10.5 Link Aadhaar - PAN Status Click Here
10.6 Verify Your PAN Click Here
10.7 e-Verify Return Click Here
10.8 e-Payment of Taxes Click Here
10.9 Know TAN Details Click Here
10.10 Know Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer Click Here
10.11 File Income Tax Returns ( ITR ) Click Here
10.12 Register as a New Elector/Voter Click Here
10.13 Register as Overseas Elector/Voter Click Here
10.14 Deletion or Objection in Electoral Roll Click Here
10.15 Correction in Elector Details Click Here
10.16 Transposition within Assembly Constituency Click Here
10.17 Migration to another Assembly Constituency Click Here
10.18 Download E-EPIC Click Here
10.19 Voter Search Click Here

11.Electricity Department Links

S.No Name Link
11.1 APEPDCL - Bill Payment Click Here
11.2 APEPDCL - Service No -Aadar/Mobile Link Status Click Here
11.3. APEPDCL - Consumption And Payment History Click Here
11.4 APEPDCL - All Citizen Services Click Here
11.5 APEPDCL -Online Complaint Registration Click Here
11.6 APEPDCL - Service - Mobile Mapping Click Here
11.7 APEPDCL - Power Cut Information Click Here
11.8 APSPDCL - Online Bill Payment Click Here
11.9 APSPDCL - Online New Connection Registrations Click Here
11.10 APSPDCL - Register Complaint Click Here
11.11 APSPDCL - Payment / Bill History Click Here
11.12 APSPDCL - SC No-Aadar Link Status Click Here
11.13 APCPDCL - Online Bill Payment Click Here
11.14 APCPDCL - Know Your Bill Details Click Here
11.15 APCPDCL - Register Complaint Click Here

12.Transport Department Links

S.No Name Link
12.1 LLR/DL Slot Availability Click Here
12.2 Apply for Fresh LLR Click Here
12.3 LLR Cancellation Click Here
12.4 LLR Correction Click Here
12.4 Walk In LLR Click Here
12.5 LLR Status Click Here
12.6 Fresh / Renual / Retest / Endorsement / Change Of Address / Duplicate of Licence / Expired for DL ( Driving Licence ) Click Here
12.7 DL Merge Click Here
12.8 DL Status Click Here
12.9 DL/LLR - Aadar Link Click Here
12.10 DL/LLR - Aadar Link Status Click Here
12.11 DL/LLR Payment Status Click Here
12.12 LLR/DL Application Status Click Here
12.13 Conductor Licence Service(s) Click Here
12.14 Vahan Details Search ( State ) Click Here
12.15 Vahan Details Search ( central ) Click Here

13.Citizen Links

S.No Name Link
13.1 Online Sand Booking Click Here
13.1.2 Online Sand Booking Status Click Here
13.2 Know Covid Test Result Click Here
13.3 Download Covid Vaccine Certificate Click Here
13.4 Know Meeseva Certificate Application Status Click Here
13.5 View Meeseva Certificate Click Here
13.6 New Labour Card (eShram) Registration Click Here
13.7 Apply Free Agriculture Bore Click Here
13.8 Raitu Bharosa Payment Status Click Here
13.9 PM Kisan Payment Status Click Here
13.10 All Services Application Forms Click Here
13.11 Know Your Volunteer Click Here
S.No Name Link
13.12 Know Navasakam Grievance Status Click Here
13.13 Know Family Six Step Points Click Here
13.14 Know Pending Traffic Challan Amount Click Here
13.15 Know New Rice Card Number With Old Ration Card Click Here
13.16 Know FP Shop Details With New Rice Card Number Click Here
13.17 Arogya Sri Card Details Click Here
13.18 YSR Bhima Status Click Here
13.19 YSR Pellikanuka Status Click Here
13.20 YSR Pension Kanuka Status Click Here
13.21 Rice Card Status Click Here
13.22 PMAY Status Click Here
13.23 AP Housing Beneficiary Status Click Here
13.24 CFMS Beneficiary Search Click Here
13.25 Income Tax Returns Status Click Here
13.26 Rice Card Preview ( Replace * with Rice Card ) Click Here
13.27 Rice Card T number status Click Here

14.Agriculture Department Links

S.No Name Link
14.1 e-Office Click Here
14.2 D-Krishi Click Here
14.3 e -Rythu Sevalu Click Here
14.4 e - Vyavasayam Weekly Reports Click Here
14.5 DBT in Agri Machanism Click Here
14.6 Loan Eligibility Card Click Here
14.7 Farm Mechanism Click Here
14.8 Vyavasaya Panchangam Click Here
14.9 APWIRMS Click Here
14.10 Raitu Bharosa Magzines Click Here
14.11 Soil Health Card Click Here
14.12 PM Kisan Click Here
14.13 Maandhan Click Here
14.14 PMKMY Former Contribution Click Here
14.15 Raithu Bharosa Click Here
14.16 CCRC Module Click Here
14.17 Virtual Exhibition Click Here
14.18 YSR APP Click Here
14.19 Department All Reports Click Here

15.Document Links

S.No Name Link
15.1 PDF Merge Click Here
15.2 PDF Split Click Here
15.3 PDF Compress Click Here
15.4 PDF to Word Click Here
15.5 PDF to PPT Click Here
15.6 PDF to Excel Click Here
15.7 Word to PDF Click Here
15.8 PPT to PDF Click Here
15.9 Excel to PDF Click Here
15.10 PDF Editor Click Here
15.11 PDF to JPG Click Here
15.12 JPG to PDF Click Here
15.13 Add Number to PDF Click Here
15.14 Add Watermark to PDF Click Here
15.15 Rotate PDF Click Here
15.16 HTMl to PDF Click Here
15.17 Unlock PDf Click Here
15.18 Protect PDF Click Here
15.19 orgamize PDF Click Here
15.20 PDF to PDF/A Click Here
15.21 Repair PDF Click Here
15.22 Sign PDF Click Here
15.23 Compress Image Click Here

16.Volunteer Links

S.No Name Link
16.1 Know Details With Aadar / CFMS ID Click Here
16.2 Volunteer Salary Status Link Click Here



100 YEARS,1,12th Class,1,2-DG,3,2008,1,2nd Phase,2,2nd Wave,11,3.0,1,3rd Phase,1,3rd Wave,13,4th Wave,1,5G,1,Aadhar,13,Aarogya Sethu,3,Aarogya Sri,2,Aaya,1,ABN Andhra Jyothy,1,Abuse,1,AC,2,Academic,46,Account,7,Acting,1,Action Plan,3,Activities,1,Addiction,1,Address,2,Adjustment,1,Administrative,1,Admissions,15,Africa,1,Agent,1,Agitation,2,Agriculture,1,AI,1,Aided,14,AIR,19,Airtel,1,AIS,1,Alert,6,Alien,1,Allotment,1,Amaravathi,1,Amazon,4,Ambulance,1,Amma Vodi,2,Analysis,1,Anandayya,14,Ananthapuram,6,Ancient,1,Andhra Bank,1,Android,10,Anganwadi,4,Answers,1,Anti Body,1,AP,32,APApp,8,APCFSS,2,APGLI,2,APNGO,1,Apollo,1,APOSS,1,App,20,Apple,1,Application,6,Apply,2,Appointment,5,APPSC,4,APTeLs,1,Article,1,Artificial,1,Astrology,29,ATM,4,ATR,2,Attendance,9,AU,1,Auction,2,Audit,1,Automatic,4,Award,1,AWP,1,Ayodhya,1,Ayurvedam,11,AYUSH,2,Babita Phogat,1,Backlog,1,Backup,1,Bajaj,1,Bala Aadhar,1,Ban,3,Bank,31,Barrow,1,Basic Pay,1,Bath,1,Battery,1,Beds,1,Bell,2,Belly Fat,1,Benefit,2,Benifits,3,Bhadrachalam,1,Bharath Bundh,1,BHIM,1,Big Boss,2,Bike,6,Bill,3,Biometric,9,Birthday,1,Bitcoin,1,Black,12,Black Money,1,Blind,1,Block,1,Blood,3,BMI,1,Bond,2,Bonus,1,Booking,1,Booster,2,Bopparaju,1,Break Darshan,1,Breakfast,1,Breath,2,Brush,1,BSEAP,1,BSNL,2,Budget,3,Bulletin,25,Bullion Market,17,Bundh,3,Burden,2,Business,4,Buy,1,Cabinet,8,Cader Strength,3,CAG,2,Calendar,5,Calories,1,Camera,1,Cancel,6,Cancer,1,Capital,1,Car,1,Care,1,Career,3,Cases,4,Cash,3,CasualLeave,2,CB,1,CBSE,10,CCA Rules,2,CCE,1,CCMB,1,Center,2,Central Government,9,CEO,1,Certificate,5,CET,1,CFMS,5,Chakra,1,Challana,2,Chanakya,3,Chance,1,Change,10,Channel,1,Charger,1,Charges,5,Charging,2,Chart,1,Cheating,4,Cheque,1,Chikkies,1,Child,1,Children,11,China,2,Chittoor,2,Church,1,Cinema,7,Circuit,1,Circular,2,Citizen,1,Clarity,7,CLEP,3,Close,7,CM,19,Coast,1,Codes,2,Coin,2,Cold,1,Collector,1,College,2,Comments,1,Committee,4,Company,1,Compassionate,5,Competition,2,Complaint,3,Concentrator,2,Condition,1,Conference,2,Confirmation,1,Conflict,2,Contempt,2,Contract,4,Cooking,1,Coriander,1,Corona,237,Corrections,1,Counseling,2,Courier,1,Course,2,Court,4,Covaxin,3,COVID-19,48,Covishield,1,CoWIN,2,CPS,18,Crash,2,Credit Card,1,Cricket,2,Crime,4,Crisis,1,CRP,1,CS,1,Cucumber,1,Curfew,10,Currency,4,Current,1,Customers,3,CWSN,1,Cyber Crime,11,Cyclone,16,Cylinder,5,D.Ed,2,DA,5,Daibetes,3,Dailama,5,Daily,28,Daily Astrology,26,Dal,1,Dangal,1,Danger,7,Darwins Aarch,1,Dash Board,1,Data,3,Data Entry,4,Days,1,DDO,1,Dead Line,1,Death,16,Debit Card,1,December,1,Decession,2,Decisions,1,Declaration,1,Degree,2,Delhi,2,Delivery,2,Delta,3,Demand,4,Demands,4,Dental,1,Dentist,2,DEO,1,Departmental,2,Deposit,2,Deputation,2,Desktop,1,Development,2,Devise,1,Devotion,5,Dictionary,2,Died,1,Diesel,4,DIET,4,Difference,2,Differently Abled,1,Digestion,1,Digilocker,2,Digital,2,Diksha,9,Director,3,Disaster Management,2,Discount,3,Dispenser,1,Distance Education,1,District,1,Disussion,1,Diwali,1,Dmart,1,Domestic,1,Donation,2,Door Steps,2,Dose,4,Doubts,3,Download,10,Draft,2,DRDO,3,Dream,1,Drink,5,Dropout,1,Drug,5,Dry Fruits,3,Dry Ration,2,DSC,15,DTA,2,DTO,1,Duty,4,E SR,20,EAMCET,1,Earth 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Signal,1,GST,1,GSWS,12,Guard,1,Guava,1,Guidelines,5,Gunny Bags,1,Guntur,11,Hack,4,Hair,1,Half Day Schools,3,Hall Tickets,2,Handbook,1,Hatsoff,1,HDFC,1,Health,51,Health and Wellness,1,Health Card,1,Heart Attack,2,Heat Wave,2,Height,1,Helath,1,Helpdesk,2,Helpline,1,Hero,3,High Court,11,Higher Education,4,Hike,16,History,2,Holi,2,Holiday,28,Home,3,Home Loan,6,Honda,1,Honourorium,1,Horoscope,31,Hospital,2,House,3,How,1,HP,2,HRMS,1,Human Interest,3,Husband,1,IAP,1,IAS,2,Iceberg,1,ICMR,3,ID,2,ID Card,1,Idea,1,IERT,1,IFSC,1,IIIT,6,Image,1,IMD,1,IMMS,7,Immunity,5,Important,2,IN,1,Income,5,Indane,1,India,7,Indicators,1,Infection,2,Info,1,Injection,2,Inktank,1,Insect,2,Inspection,3,Inspire,1,Instructions,9,Insurance,2,Intelligence,1,Inter,30,Interest,2,International,1,Interview,4,iOS,1,ITI,1,JAC,12,JACTO,2,Jagananna Gorumudda,3,Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku,1,Jagananna Smart Town,1,Jagananna Thodu,1,Jagananna Vasathi,1,Jagananna Vidya Deevena,4,Jagananna Vidya Kanuka,12,Jai 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Free,3,Tool,1,Toothbrush,2,TopNews,23,TOUR,2,Tourism,1,TPR,2,Track,1,Tracking,2,Trail,1,Train,2,Training,14,Transactions,2,Transfers,66,Treasury,5,Treatment,9,Trees,2,Tricks,2,TTD,2,Tucker,1,Tutorial,1,TV,1,TVS,1,Tweet,4,Twinning of Schools,1,Twist,1,Twitter,1,Types,1,UDISE,7,UG,2,Ultra Sonic,1,Un Aided Schools,2,Un Healthy,1,Uninstall,1,Union Bank of India,1,UNO,1,Update,12,UPI,1,Upload,1,Use,1,User Manual,1,UTF,1,UTFWG,1,Vacancy,1,Vaccine,54,Validation,1,Valuation,1,Varadhi,1,Varient,25,Vegetable,2,Vehicles,3,Vemana,1,Verification,1,Version,1,Victory,1,Video,2,Video Conference,2,Village,3,Violance,1,VIP,1,Viral,10,Virtual,1,Virus,6,Visakhapatnam,2,Visit,2,Vivo,1,Vodafone,1,Volts,1,Volunteer,1,Voter,1,Wage,1,Warning,2,Warrant,1,Water,5,Wave,1,We Love Reading,6,Weather,11,Website,3,Wedding,1,Week,3,Weight,5,Westgodavari,7,Whatsapp,10,White,4,WHO,3,Wife,1,Wifi,1,Willing,3,Winter,2,Withdraw,5,Women,1,Wonders,1,Words,3,Work,2,Work From Home,3,Work Shop,1,Working 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All Important Useful Links : అన్ని ముఖ్యమైన లింకులు
All Important Useful Links : అన్ని ముఖ్యమైన లింకులు
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