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YSR BIMA: వై.ఎస్.ఆర్ భీమా మార్గదర్శకాల ఉత్తర్వులు విడుదల

Subject: LFB&IMS Department - “YSR BIMA ” (Social Security Scheme) for Providing Rs.1.00 lakh Natural Death relief directly from Government and Rs.5.00 lakh Accidental Death / Permanent Disability relief through Group Insurance Scheme to the Primary Bread Earners of BPL Families – Orders - Issued.

YSR BIMA:  Government of India implemented the unorganized worker’s social security scheme i.e the converged insurance scheme to provide financial relief to the bereaved families of the deceased unorganized workers in the event of Accidental or Natural death or Permanent disability due to accident and the premium payable towards the converged scheme was shared in 1:1 ratio by both the Central Government and the State Government. 

2. Vide office memorandum F.No-U-11017/09/2019–RW of Government of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment dt:08/06/2020 informed that the said convergence scheme issued vide order No. M-21015 /02/2017 – RW dated : 13 November 2017 issued by Labour & Employment stands withdrawn w.e.f. 1st April 2020. Since the Converged scheme is withdrawn, the present YSR-Bima scheme is contemplated by the State Government to ensure insurance relief to the poor, below poverty line families focusing on the primary Bread Earner of the Family. 100% of the premium towards this scheme is borne by State Government of A.P.

3. Accordingly, State Government vide G.O.1st read above read with G.O.2nd read above have issued guidelines for implementation of “YSRBima Scheme”, a Social Security Scheme to provide relief upto Rs.5,00,000/- in case of Accidental Death or Total Permanent Disability in the age group of 18-50 years; Rs.3,00,000/- relief against Accidental  Death & Disability in the age group of 51-70 years and Rs.2,00,000/- in case of Natural Death in the age group of 18-50 year, to the bereaved family members of the deceased Primary Bread Earner. The Premium payable under the schemes totally borne by the State Government on behalf of the Beneficiary and the same was paid to the Insurance Company through the Beneficiaries Bank Account. The enrolment of the beneficiaries was through Banks under PMJJBY & PMSBY Schemes. 

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